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Quick Start

What’s Included

  • One BreeZZZy body sensor with elastic strap
  • One BreeZZZy cooling blanket
  • One BreeZZZy smart fan with Easy Adjust Duct
  • USB charging cable.
Breezzzy Blanket and Sensor
BreeZZZy Blanket and Sensor
Breezzzy blower
BreeZZZy Blower

System Settings

There are four different sensitivity settings that you can choose from to determine how the BreeZZZy algorithm operates.

••• HIGH BreeZZZy – Highest sensitivity. Detects even the smallest hot flashes
•• MEDIUM BreeZZZy – Right in the middle.
• LOW BreeZZZy – Lowest sensitivity. Detects only BIG hot flashes!
– NO BreeZZZy – You are in complete control. BreeZZZy will no longer automatically activate or deactivate the fan and cool air.

Quick Start Guide

Fan and Blanket

1. Place the smart fan at the base or side of your bed where you will be sleeping.
2. You will sleep with the BreeZZZy blanket lying directly on top of you, with the blue side down, resting against your skin.
3. Insert the smart fan outlet into either the bottom or side hem opening of the BreeZZZy
4. Place any other bedding on top of the BreeZZZy blanket as normal.
5. Plug the power cord into the smart fan, and plug the other end into a wall outlet.

Securely insert the fan into the opening bottom of the blanket.

Body Sensor

1. Wrapping the straps of the body sensor around your abdomen (electrodes touching your skin), use the adjustment loop to fit the band.
2. Insert the end of the hook-and-loop strap through the loop and tighten.
3. Tightness should be enough to keep the body sensor comfortably, yet firmly against the skin at all times.

Body sensor
BreeZZZy body sensor should be worn tightly on the abdomen, just below bust level, with metal electrodes against the skin.

Powering the System

Powering BreeZZZy On

  1. Begin with all BreeZZZy pieces powered OFF. You should already be wearing the body sensor.
  2. Power ON the smart fan. You should immediately see a GREEN power light and an. ORANGE network light. Wait for the network light to turn GREEN.
  3. Power ON the body sensor by holding down the small black button for at least three seconds. Wait for the three blinks to complete, then release the button. After a few seconds, the body sensor should blink ALTERNATING GREEN and ORANGE several times. This indicates the body sensor has wirelessly connected to the smart fan, and is now operating normally!

Powering BreeZZZy Off

After use, both the BreeZZZy body sensor and smart fan need to be powered off.

  1. To power OFF the body sensor, hold down the small black button for at least three seconds. While holding the switch, the light will remain ORANGE. After three seconds, the light will turn OFF, indicating it is now okay to release the button.
  2. You can now power down the smart fan.

Charging the Body Sensor

On a full charge, the battery of the body sensor should provide several nights of use before needing a charge. If a charge is needed, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure the body sensor is powered off.
  2. Plug the Micro USB power cable into the USB power converter, and plug into a wall outlet and the other into the Micro USB port of the body sensor.
  3. While CHARGING, the body sensor light will be ORANGE.
    When CHARGING IS COMPLETE, the light will turn and stay GREEN.
  4. After charging is complete, the USB plug can be removed from the body sensor.