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About BreeZZZy

Why should you start using the BreeZZZy?


We are HotFlash LLC, a small, three-person company devoted to understanding and providing you with relief from the anguish of nighttime hot flashes.

BreeZZZy is a patented wireless system that detects the physical symptoms associated with hot flashes and intelligently and autonomously cools you when one occurs… all while you sleep! We developed BreeZZZy specifically to provide you with the only reactive hot flash relief system in the world.

If you suffer from hot flashes, by using BreeZZZy, you will wake up less and rise more refreshed and ready to take on the day!

Thanks again for choosing BreeZZZy! Sleep tight!

Nicole, Chris & Adam
HotFlash LLC

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What is BreeZZZy?

BreeZZZy is an innovative wireless sensing and cooling system that detects the physiological symptoms associated with hot flashes while you sleep, then automatically activates our smart fan to cool you down.

The BreeZZZy magic starts in the body sensor, the part you wear. The sensor reads your body signs and wirelessly sends data to our innovative and proven detection algorithm, which lives in the smart fan. When the algorithm finds a hot flash, the smart fan activates, injecting cool air into the specially-designed BreeZZZy blanket, which blows the cool air down onto you. On top of being refreshed with cool air, other bedding on top of the BreeZZZy blanket will be lifted off of you, further increasing  our comfort.

The system is wireless, using commonly-used household radio frequencies, and is extremely low power. No personal information is gathered by BreeZZZy. Its only job is to find hot flashes and cool you down, keeping you comfortable and asleep.

BreeZZZy’s ultimate goal is to find your hot flashes and cool you down without you ever waking up.

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